After losing his father to lymphoma at the age of 13, Joel Glotfelty heard a lot of people say that his dad "Finished The Race." However, it wasn't until he faced struggles of his own, culminating in a brain injury that put all of his dreams in jeopardy, that he learned what that phrase truly meant. There was an overwhelming realization that life isn't one big race, but an accumulation of many small races, and each step forward, no matter how small, keeps you moving towards the finish line. To finish each race we need to stay focused on hope for a better future because hope gives us the motivation to persevere. FTR is an emblem designed to give everyone the power to wear their hope on their sleeve and walk alongside everyone else who is in the middle of their own race.



    FTR Apparel was founded to inspire hope and perseverance, period. Everyone struggles, everyone experiences challenges in life, and everyone has to overcome obstacles. However, too many people are fighting these battles silently and alone.

    When you wear a piece of FTR Apparel, it acts as both a reminder to yourself and a message to those around you that you're not alone and you're not going to give up, that you will crawl if you have to, but you will keep moving forward and you will finish your race.


    FTR is a NON-PROFIT organization on a mission to invest in our local communities and to encourage people to invest in the world around them.

    One way we use our platform to make a positive impact on the world is joining other charities and organizations that are vigorously pursuing growth and change and supporting them financially.

    100% of our net proceeds are donated to other charities.


    Another way we impact our local communities is through our partnerships, which are formed when we meet people who have a vision and purpose that is closely aligned with ours.

    By partnering together we can all help one another extend our reach. Partnerships enable us to offer our supporters new and exciting products and services, enhance our platforms, and make a greater difference than we could if we were all doing it alone.